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  • Benefit from our professionals’ decades of experience
  • Se habla español!
  • Receive better care with our patient-friendly technology
Comprehensive Dentistry
Comprehensive Dentistry

You can trust us to address all your oral health needs. We offer preventive, cosmetic, and restorative services along with oral surgery, orthodontic treatment, and more.

Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology

Dental lasers, intraoral cameras, and cone beam 3-D imaging equipment are just a few of the innovative technologies we have invested in to provide you with the best care possible.

Personalized Care
Personalized Care

With decades of experience, our team members know that every patient is different. We want to know you, so we can help you achieve all of your smile goals.

Receive Exceptional Smile Care at Our Naples Family Dental Practice

Since 1992, the dental team at Naples Dental Professionals have been delivering personal, professional care for our patients. If you want exceptional general dental care in Naples, FL, then you owe it to yourself to visit us. Dr. Kaldany and Dr. Consuegra are ready to help you and your family improve and maintain your smiles for many years to come.

As one of our patients, you will receive the advantages of:

  • A dental team with decades of experience
  • Comfort amenities and sedation for relaxing, pain-free visits
  • Innovative technology for more efficient service
  • Comprehensive services for all your dental needs

Contact us today to schedule your appointment at either of our locations. Call 239-429-0258 for our 4522 Executive Dr. #101 office or 239-977-9120 for 1121 Health Park Blvd., Suite 600. Let us serve you!

Meet Your Dental Health Needs at Either of Our Offices

We welcome patients in all stages of life and various oral care needs to visit our practice. We can handle everything from a professional cleaning and exam to dental implant-supported dentures. You can count on us to deliver:

  • Preventive services including cleaning, mouthguards, sealants, and fluoride treatments
  • Cosmetic treatments to give you the smile you have been dreaming of
  • Restorative options to repair your teeth and rebuild your strong bite
  • Emergency dentistry when you or your loved ones need help quickly

We also know that we aren’t just treating teeth. We are caring for people, which is why we also offer solutions for TMJ problems, frequent headaches, snoring, and sleep apnea.

We have also invested in amenities and technologies that make your appointments as pleasant as possible. This includes:

  • Digital X-rays, which use a fraction of the radiation of film X-rays
  • Cone Beam 3-D imaging for a more complete view of your teeth and facial bones
  • Intraoral cameras for a close-up view of your teeth and gums
  • Dental lasers for simple gum care solutions
  • Pillows and blankets to keep you cozy and warm
  • Oral sedation for relaxing and painless care

To visit our amazing general dental practice in Naples, FL, contact us online. You also can call Naples Dental Professionals at 239-429-0258 for our Executive Drive office or 239-977-9120 for our Health Park Boulevard office.