Dental Implants Get Replacement Teeth That Stay Put

Dental Implants in Naples, FL

To fully enjoy your everyday life, you need a full set of healthy teeth. If you are missing teeth, you understand how difficult simple things can be. You can regain the function of your lost teeth with dental implants in Naples, FL. When you have these root replacements, you can:

  • Recreate a complete smile
  • Speak clearly and naturally
  • Prevent bone loss in your jaw
  • Eat anything that you want to eat
  • Avoid additional tooth loss
  • Restore your oral health
  • Boost your confidence in yourself and your smile

You deserve to have the best teeth replacements possible. Set up a consultation at either Naples Dental Professionals location to learn more. Call 239-429-0258 for our 4522 Executive Dr. #101 office or 239-977-9120 for 1121 Health Park Blvd., Suite 600.

Improve Your Dental Functionality With Implants

Modern tooth implants have made teeth replacements better than they have ever been. By replacing the roots of your teeth, you are spared some of the worst consequences of lost teeth — bone loss and additional tooth loss.

If you need to replace one tooth or all your teeth, we have solutions to restore more than just your smile. You can get any of these restorative treatments:

  • Implant Crowns – With an implant and a crown, you can have a complete tooth replacement with an artificial root and restoration.
  • Implant Bridges – A traditional bridge is attached to healthy teeth that have been reshaped to support it. By getting implants instead, you have a stable bridge without affecting your healthy teeth.
  • Implant Dentures – By attaching a full set of dentures to your implants, you won’t have to worry about your dentures sliding around or falling out while you smile, speak, or eat.
  • All-on-4 Implants – You can receive a complete arch of fixed new teeth using only six implants. Get new teeth on your upper jaw, lower jaw, or even both.

We understand why you may feel anxious about this kind of dental care. It’s one of the reasons we provide dental sedation at our practice. It eases your mind, and it allows you to relax, pain-free, during your procedure.

Protect Your Healthy Smile for Years to Come

Tooth implants are cylinders, which are placed directly into the jawbone. As your jaw heals, it bonds to the implants much as it does to the roots of natural teeth. This is a big part of why implants hold your replacement teeth in position. That direct connection to your jawbone also is why someone with implants can bite with comparable force to someone with natural teeth.

With implants as part of your teeth replacement plan, you have the ability to create more than a great smile. You can feel like you have real teeth again. Get your beautiful smile back with dental implants in Naples, FL. Contact us online to request an appointment, or call 239-429-0258 (Executive Drive) or 239-977-9120 (Health Park).

Common Questions About Dental Implants

Are dental implants covered by insurance?

Implants can be more expensive than other tooth replacements, although they last much longer. Some insurance plans and policies help cover the cost. You may have a deductible you have to meet first. If implants are covered, our team will work to get the maximum benefit for you under your coverage. We also can assist you with our flexible payment options.

Will my dental implants look natural?

No one but your dentist – or anyone else looking at an X-ray of your jaw – will likely ever see your implants. The restorations attached to your implants are the only part that is visible to others when you smile. Your implants not only give you a natural-looking smile, but they will feel natural too. Unlike other tooth replacements, restorations secured by implants won’t slip out of place.

Are dental implants worth it?

Although they are more expensive than conventional dentures, dental implants are a worthy investment in your oral and overall health and your quality of life moving forward. That’s because they’re a potentially lifelong solution that preserves the structural foundation of your mouth, prevents future tooth loss, allows you to eat what you love, and helps you enjoy better nutrition, digestion, and health in the long term.