Achieve Your Dream Smile With ClearCorrect in Naples

You have some clear choices when it comes to improving your smiles. If you want straight teeth, then you can come to us for ClearCorrect in Naples, FL. This treatment is a great option for anyone who wants:

  • Teeth that are perfectly in line
  • A bite that fits together well
  • A youthful, attractive smile
  • Confidence in their smile
  • Better oral health

A nice smile is a great way to make a good first impression. You can have this with orthodontic care at either Naples Dental Professionals location. To get started, make your appointment by calling 239-429-0258 for our 4522 Executive Dr. #101 office or 239-977-9120 for 1121 Health Park Blvd., Suite 600.

We Have A Simple Solution to Straighten Your Teeth

Adults and teens both know that straight teeth improve the appearance of their smiles. However, many people would rather avoid wearing braces if at all possible. This is why ClearCorrect aligners can be an excellent solution instead. Your custom-fit aligners will apply gentle pressure to your teeth to keep them moving where you want them to be.

Many people prefer aligners to braces because of these advantages:

  • They Are Practically Invisible – With clear aligners that are custom-molded for your teeth, you can feel comfortable wearing them in personal and professional situations. Most people won’t realize you are wearing them.
  • They Are Comfortable – Unlike braces, ClearCorrect aligners don’t have brackets and wires, which can irritate the soft tissues of your mouth.
  • They Are Convenient – Aligners can be removed for a few hours each day. As a result, you can continue eating your favorite foods throughout your treatment. You also can continue brushing and flossing without any special tools.

You also may want to consider ClearCorrect as part of a total smile makeover. Combining aligners with tooth bonding, teeth whitening, or gum reshaping can make your straight teeth look even better.

Today is the day to start making the kinds of changes you want to see in your smile. Begin your transformation with ClearCorrect in Naples, FL. Contact us online or call 239-429-0258 (Executive Drive) or 239-977-9120 (Health Park).