Invisalign Improve Your Smile Without Metal
  • Oral hygiene is easy with removable aligners
  • Achieve a straight smile more quickly & comfortably
  • Feel comfortable & confident while improving your smile

Make Your Teeth Straight by Getting Invisalign in Naples

When you are ready to do something about your crooked teeth, then you should make an appointment with us to discuss your options. Come to us to get Invisalign in Naples, FL if you want:

  • A straight smile in as little as 12 months
  • Orthodontic care that does not use brackets and wires
  • Comfortable aligners that are custom-made for your smile
  • Discreet aligners that most people won’t notice
  • Better oral health

You can make a change to your teeth and fix bite problems with clear aligners. Set up a consultation at Naples Dental Professionals as your first step toward your new smile. Call 239-429-0258 for our 4522 Executive Dr. #101 office or 239-977-9120 for 1121 Health Park Blvd., Suite 600

Create a Beautiful Smile With Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign is relatively new, but it has still be around for decades. In that time, this system has helped millions of adults and teens create the smile of their dreams. When you compare Invisalign to braces, you can understand why it has become such a popular orthodontic option. Your aligners are:

  • Discreet – Your aligners are clear and custom-molded to fit your teeth. This makes them nearly invisible when you are wearing them.
  • Quick –Braces can take 18 months, two years, or longer to straighten teeth. Aligners can work as in as little as 12 months.
  • Removable – Patients say this is one of the best benefits of this orthodontic option. You can take out your aligners during meals, so you can eat what you like. You also keep them out to brush and floss, so you don’t need special tools to clean your teeth.

Many patients also make Invisalign aligners part of a smile makeover. You can get teeth whitening after your treatment to let your straight smile shine, or get tooth bonding to fix chipped teeth so your smile can look its best.

Invisalign in Naples, FL is an effective, easy, and efficient solution for your crooked smile. To request an appointment, contact us online or call 239-429-0258 (Executive Drive) or 239-977-9120 (Health Park).

Common Questions About Invisalign

Is Invisalign visible?

Barely. Unlike classic braces made of stark metal brackets and wires, these modern orthodontic aligners are made of a smooth, comfortable, clear plastic that is virtually invisible. You won’t draw any unwanted attention to the construction zone in your mouth, and there won’t be any awkward questions or stares from onlookers during your months of treatment.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners instead of braces to move your teeth into their proper position. Based on a customized treatment plan created by your dentist, your aligners are made for you at a special lab. You’ll wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, then move to the next set in the series. You’ll make occasional visits to our office for progress checks.

Is Invisalign painful?

Invisalign uses a series of plastic teeth aligners so that your orthodontic treatment is as comfortable as possible. The aligners don’t contain any metal, so there is nothing to irritate sensitive areas inside your mouth. All you have to do is pop the aligners into place over your teeth and live your life. You can feel free to remove them for eating, brushing, and special occasions.